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Our firm was originated in 1994 by an idea of two partners who had already worked in the field of environment services in the past, and more precisely in the branch of reclamation and covering of interred tanks, in close co-operation with leading firms of the field (Mannesmann, Siac, ENEL, etc.)
Beginning from the activity of petrol tanks reclamation we have started to offer, during the last years, a growing range of services in the matter of ecology, keeping the quality levels we achieved during the years.

The activities

Profilo aziendaleThe know-how in regard to all the problems of the environment and the continuous investment of energies, both in the staff's training and in the use of special and specific equipment, have allowed us to operate throughout the national territory and to guarantee the best solution for any kind of intervention, respecting completely the environment and the rules of safety.

Obviously, the main activities concern the interventions in places where petrol is sold and they may be identified as follows:

  • decontamination of underground and above-ground tanks for subsequent internal restoration, by means of different vitrification techniques (steel wool pad, airless, double wall) with or without the prior sandblasting of the walls;
  • non-destructive leak tests, thickness tests and volumetric calibration of tanks;
  • decontamination of tanks that used to store ethylated gasoline;
  • decontamination for subsequent dismantling of ethylation plants;
  • disposal and dismantling of petrol stations and subsequent restoration of the area (including excavation, tank removal, scrapping, decontamination of contaminated land, if any, and final restoration);
  • decontamination, dismantling, demolition and scrapping of refinery and petrochemistry plants and coastal storage buildings;
  • decontamination and safety measures for contaminated sites;
  • decontamination of natural gas storage tanks;
  • shearing, transport and scrapping of disposed tanks;
  • collection, storage in our warehouses and disposal of dangerous and non-dangerous waste;
  • creation of floating anti-pollution barriers.

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