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Our firm has acquired a safety system which is able to:

  • identify the obligations as by law enacted in this matter;
  • identify the aims and actual measures of improvement;
  • activate the safety measures for the improvement;
  • survey the correct course of each activity.

All this is foreseen in our document of evaluation of the risks, drawn up by prevention and production services managers.

This document has been carefully prepared following the regulations in force with regard to the safeguard of the safety and health conditions in working places. It defines the tasks and the areas of responsibility involving all the firm's figures, beginning from the technical manager for the management of waste-materials, to the competent physician, to the several foremen etc.

Ecopetrol Ltd., recognising a big importance to the theme of the workers' safety and health, intends to prevent and reduce to the minimum situations which may be potentially dangerous or detrimental; therefore it has trained and informed the complete staff about specific risks, through a continuous training activity, courses about the emergency measures, controlled medical examinations, utilisation of individual protection devices, attainment of temporary gas and toxic licences. The observance of all the rules of our safety handbook, which each worker possesses, reduces the risks of accidents on the working place and permits to operate in the best safety conditions.
Moreover, for each yard we elaborate carefully a specific operative plan on the ground of the type of intervention and activities to carry out.

Reclamation, sand blasting and restoration of the tanks

Reclamation of ethylic petrol tanks

Reclamation and cast-off of ethylation plants

Gathering, transport, stockage and getting rid of the waste material

Transport, cut and reducing to wreck of disused tanks

Dismantling and restoration of areas of former petrol distributions

Contruction of floating anti-pollution barriers

Non destructive capacity tests and metric control of thickness of the tanks

Decontamination, dismantling, demolition and scrapping of refinery and petrochemistry plants and coastal storage buildings

Decontamination and safety measures for contaminated sites

Decontamination of natural gas storage tanks