Thanks to a combination of crucial factors (such as cutting-edge equipment, highly specialized staff and expertise gained through many years), Ecopetrol S.r.l. is able to perform specialized tasks like the decontamination and demolition of industrial plants, catalytic columns, very large overhead tanks, heat exchangers, etc.
In particular, the company has tried to meet the needs of primary clients such as refineries and petrochemincal industries. Substantial investments have been made into cutting-edge equipment in order to perform the particular services requested by them, aiming at safety, functionality and exclusivity.
Here are some examples:

  • Self-propelled overhead platform, able to reach up to 41 metres with two workers on board, perfect for overhead tasks such as maintenance and other tasks to be performed on catalytic columns;
  • 330-quintal tracked excavator, with 15-metre arm, equipped with 45-quintal telescopic shear for shearing equipment, tanks, pipes and metal frames;
  • Hydro-cutting, high pressure (2,000 bar) hydrodynamic unit for cold-shearing of tanks, catalytic columns and other equipment as well as for opening doors in overhead tanks;
  • Hydro-washing, high pressure (700 bar) hydrodynamic unit for external washing of overhead tanks of oil products;
  • 4-axle gully sucker canal jet, actual capacity 16,000 litres, equipped with: high-pressure hot-water jet machine, front nozzles for washing road pavement, compressed air and air reserve for connecting face masks for decontaminating tanks, 5,000-litre tank for storing water for washing.
  • Watertight containers for transporting waste;
  • Motor pumps mobile extractor with self-priming pump for high-viscosity liquids, slime, sewage, water and substances that include solids and fibres.

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